All bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs!

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Paleontologists-entomologists reveals"Archaeladybug":

Devonian Period (400 million years ago) when early arthropods would have established the three pairs of legs while evolving from having had more. Recently, (80 million years ago) diverse insects evolved and began to take flight. It seems this occurred long before the birds, bats, and even the pterosaurs. The wings of these hexapods were initially flat board-like appendages, and they were just for helping these critters practically hop from place to place, but with a little more loft supplied by these simple wings that only flapped straight up and down.
As the insects evolved further, and increased in numbers and species-(5000 Ladybugs species and 450 in the USA), their wings changed as well. They became hinged and muscle driven, some are covered with an outer shell like the ladybugs. Although ladybugs can fly short distances- one must wonder how they migrate way up to the Sierra Nevada mountains where they where found years ago by college students hiking in the foothills. They came across a large red mound in the center of the snow-filled forest, curious these students got a closer look and found a large mound of Lady Bugs colony all piled on top of one another, colonies have been reported to contain as many as 500 gallons of beetles. A gallon of beetles contains from 72000 to 80000 adults. What the student saw was red gold they began bagging these ladybugs and selling them to neighboring nurseries. This was the first commercial venture for Ladybugs, now of course they are breed by certified breeder in large fish tank looking tanks. In addition, are available for as little as $6.00 USD for a herd (1500). They are available at most nurseries and hardware stores. Two years of research reveals that Ladybugs do need a nesting box or a home.

What those college students found in their closer look into the large colony pile of red Ladybugs gave way to the design of The Best Lady Bug House. The Best Lady Bug House is more than just a house for Ladybugs; this is an encouragement for people to go organic–meaning non-chemical pest-control. When one sees The Best Lady Bug House in a front or back yard or tree farm this is their statement that they are green! These are made of weather resistance painted wood they will add brightness to you yard or garden, and quite a conversation piece for your company and visitors.


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  4. Where did you find that Hippodamia convergens was being laboratory reared (in tanks)? The ones that are being sold in garden centers have been harvested from the Sierra Nevada mountains, right out of nature. We have found these almost useless as means of biological control when released. Also they can carry ladybird beetles parasites and diseases.

    There are a few specialized ladybird beetles that are being reared in labs, but they are not cheep.

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  7. This is Lady(Bug) from The Lady (Bug) of the Household. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my most recent post. As for your question regarding the photos of ladybugs on my blog being mine/taken by me, they are not. I actually just Googled the word "ladybug" and painstakingly selected the images that I liked best and spotlighted them on my blog. So, at this point, I couldn't even tell you where each one came from. I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help to you. I like ladybugs because they are cute so, I decided to use them as the "theme" for my blog but, I'm afraid that's as far as it goes with me. I realize that my blog might lead someone to think that I am very passionate about ladybugs but, that is really not the case. But, from what you started here, it seems that you have a passion for them. Now, I have a question for you. I just started my blog a few weeks ago but, I noticed that you started this blog back in December 2008 and haven't posted since then. What happened (I’m just curious)???

  8. What a wonderful and informative post John. Thank you so much for telling me about it. I am always interested in learning as much as I can about all the insects I find and photograph.

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  11. thank you for the kind photo-talk ! so what does "hx" mean, not to sound outdated ?? i have some educated guesses but wasn't quite sure.

    do you plan to post again anytime soon ? it looks like you last posted a long time ago. i'm sure people would love to see and hear more.

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